deconstructed shepherd’s pie

Hearty, filling, delicious. Deconstructed shepherd’s pie is a buttery, garlicky, comfort food delicacy on the trail. This recipe uses purchased freeze-dried peas and corn. I’ve found that freeze-dried for those veggies is easier than dehydrating.


  • a couple potatoes, peeled
  • 1 onion, chopped small
  • garlic, chopped small
  • veggie meat crumbles
  • garlic powder
  • veggie stock
  • dehydrated whole milk powder (I use Nido, whole can be tough to find, though)
  • dehydrated butter powder (I use packit gourmet butter powder)
  • freeze-dried peas
  • freeze-dried corn


boil the potatoes until they’re mash-ready
since butter and milk aren’t dehydrator friendly, use veggie stock to thin the potatoes for mashing
sprinkle some garlic powder in the potatoes along with some ground pepper
sauté the onions a bit in a little olive oil
add the garlic and the veggie meat and sauté a bit more


dehydrate the potatoes and the meat on separate trays at ~135º.

Bag it Up – 2-4 servings (depending on many potatoes you use)

weigh everything out and divvy equal amounts into bags
add a healthy scoop of dehydrated whole milk powder
add a healthy scoop of dehydrated butter powder
add a scoop of freeze-dried peas and corn

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