JMT Day 3 – Garnet Lake to Minaret Creek

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Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

-John Muir

Garnet Lake to Minaret Creek
july 29

Miles: 11.2                    Elevation Gain: 1569′
Trip Miles: 37.7            Elevation Loss: 3048′

Total distance: 11.24 mi
Max elevation: 10141 ft
Min elevation: 8264 ft
Total climbing: 1804 ft


We were up and on the trail at 7:30. We said our good mornings and goodbyes to Joel and Jen and set off up the cliffside to try to intercept the trail without backtracking too much. We finally reached it, although Carlos was more daring than me. I did cut back down the side of the hill a little way to make sure I found the trail.


jmt03 - 8

shadow lake

We made quick work of the ascent and soon we were coming down on the other side along the rushing and beautiful Shadow creek. We followed the swiftly flowing water a little way and came upon Shadow lake. From there it was up the hillside toward Rosalie Lake where we stopped for a snack. Then from there, we continued the climb toward Gladys Lake. Finally, after passing Trinity Lakes, we started to descend again.

The rest of the day was down a long, dry hillside as we made our way toward Minaret Creek. Having gone further than expected yesterday, and having planned a shorter distance for this day on our itinerary, we were getting ahead of ourselves. Red’s Meadow, and our first resupply, wasn’t that far away, but we still had too much food in our packs to make it there yet. We decided we’d keep the day short, eat as much as possible, and get ourselves as close to Red’s as we could without actually reaching it. That site looked like Minaret Creek – a couple miles from Devils Postpile and Red’s Meadow.

By 1:30 we made it to the Minaret Creek footbridge. We dropped our packs by the water and had our lunch break. As we were eating, I half expected to see Joel and Jen come by, but we never did see them again.

After eating, I explored off trail, up the creek a little way. I found a nice, secluded spot for our campsite about .2 of a mile upstream. We pitched the tent, then made for the water where we washed off in the cool stream. After that, we did a load of laundry and set our clothes out to dry. We spent the afternoon hanging out in the stream and relaxing.

Before long, it was evening and we packed up our clean clothes, had our dinner, and went to sleep with visions of a hot breakfast at Red’s in the morning.


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