South Yuba River

south yuba river

May 12-14, 2013

A 3 day trip with Jeff and Tikka back to the South Yuba primitive camp, one of my favorite destinations.
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our trail
We took the South Yuba trail from the car campsite off North Bloomfield Rd to the South Yuba primitive campsite.  It was as gorgeous as it was last August.  Great bits of wooded area that open up to expansive views of the valley and river below.  For more info, see the post on my first trip to this site.

Total distance: 4.79 mi
Max elevation: 2516 ft
Min elevation: 2159 ft
Total climbing: 610 ft

Started:5/12/13, 2:20:16 PM PDT – N39 20.531 W120 58.305 – 84.4 °F
Ended:5/12/13, 4:16:55 PM PDT – N39 20.198 W120 55.659 – 89.1 °F

the way in
We had a nice, hot spring hike on the trail that winds its way into and out of the woods along the hillside.  We were lucky enough to catch the tail end of the springtime wildflower blooms, and parts of the trail were dotted with bursts of orange, red, and purple.  We were also greeted by a couple snakes on the trail.  Watch out for rattlers!

the campsite
Instead of staying closer to the beach like I did last time (a gold panhandler had set up his campsite there), we stayed in the actual South Yuba primitive campsite.  We had the whole site  to ourselves and it’s certainly luxurious.  There are 3 picnic tables, a great fire pit, and space for a number of tents.  This would be a great site to bring a small group.  Just down the hill from the site is the rocky beach and the river.  There’s a nice swimming hole right there as well as some good rushing water to refill water supplies.  Again, be on the lookout for rattlesnakes.  We met one right on the beach.  For even better swimming, head back up the trail about 1/4 mile to where Humbug Creek meets the Yuba.  There you’ll find a large, deep swimming hole bordered by a wide pebble beach and a few nice boulders to jump off.  Since we were spending 3 days at the site, we took advantage of the afternoon on our full day at camp to hike up to this swim hole.  At night time both nights, we had some great campfires in the fire pit while Tikka paced the camp perimeter and reconnoitered the rim.  Where we chose to set up our tent, the far East side of the campsite, was nicely shaded from the sun most of the day, so the tent was always available for a short nap or some reprieve from the swarms of mosquitoes at dusk.

the way out
We retraced our steps back up the South Yuba trail to the parking lot without incident, even when we came across yet another snake.  Altogether we counted 6 snakes, 2 of which were rattlers.  Keep an eye out for them…and make sure to look yourself (and anyone else with you) over for ticks!

the pics

the details
see original post on south yuba trail
Campfires permitted!
Dogs allowed!





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