TRT Day 12

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Ridge near Mud Lake to Mount Rose
2014 july 12

Total distance: 9.15 mi
Max elevation: 10427 ft
Min elevation: 9065 ft
Total climbing: 2051 ft

Final day!  And my birthday!  Does it get any better??

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise over the peaks to the east and had breakfast while overlooking our spectacular view of the lake.  After packing up, it was a climb to the top of Relay Peak, the highest point on the trail.  Needless to say, views were even more incredible, both south to the lake as well as to the north where the Sierra range continues on.

On the way down from Relay, we got our first peak of Tahoe Meadows, where we’d begun our trip 11 days prior.  It was exciting to be able to see where we’d started while also being able to see the entire lake that we’d just walked around.  We both had a tough time believing we’d done it.

There was still a bit more to go, though.  We had to make our way back to the Mount Rose trailhead.  That took us past Galena Falls and, since it was a Saturday, about 5 million dayhikers, who clearly had no idea what we’d just been through!

On the last few feet of trail, Carlos appeared and congratulated us. Twelve days, somewhere around 180 miles later we were right back where we’d started. To help us celebrate, Carlos also brought us a wonderful cooler full of coca cola and gatorade.  The surprises didn’t end there, either.  He also pulled out a small birthday cake, complete with a candle!  Thanks, Carlos!!  Getting out of a cab was a guy and his son who we’d met on the trail a couple days prior.  They’d done a section of the trail and when we’d met them, they had a bunch of questions about our thru-hike.  The guy was so pleased to have been there when we completed and insisted on getting our picture.  Apparently thru-hiking the TRT gives you celebrity status in some circles!

Having no more trail to hike, we cleaned up, changed clothes and drove off.

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